Small Business Week 2016

Small Business Week (SBW) 2016 is scheduled for October 16-22, with the theme of “Measure up! Shape your future.”

What is SBW?

From the Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) website, ” Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) trademark whose origins date back to 1979 when BDC business centres in British Columbia’s Lower Fraser Valley pooled their resources to organize a week of activities for entrepreneurs. This first event and the one that followed in 1980 were so successful that BDC officially launched BDC Small Business WeekTM across Canada in 1981. The initiative was quickly adopted by Canada’s business community.”

SBW is also chance to celebrate, support small businesses in your community, and to recognise the importance and contributions small businesses make to their communities.

The BDC’s website, is a great resource for entrepreneurs with business related articles, tools and inspirational stories designed to stimulate how owner’s and manager’s think about their business and help shape future success.

Thebacha Business Development Services is planning on Celebrating SBW with an Open House and Small Business Learning Sessions. Check back for more information and updates!

Thebacha Business Development Services …Helping Small Business Start and Succeed! 

Thinking of starting up your own business?








There are many factors to consider!

To ensure your potential business will thrive in your community; it is important that the community will patronize your business rather than a competitor’s . This is where a little market research and a competitive advantage comes in.

It is also important that you are aware of the energy, time and commitment necessary to managing your own company, and that you have the necessary skill, experience, permits, accreditation, and resources to do so. As most start-up small businesses fail within the first two years, the better prepared you are, the better chance you will have at succeeding.

Starting your own business requires at least 70 hours of work a week, a network of alliances including suppliers and advisor’s, a network of potential customers, an understanding of the demands and requirements needed for the industry you are interested in, whether it be retail, food service, manufacturing, etc., and the demands needed for your family and social interactions.

Location, location, location! Where will your business be located? You wouldn’t want your business right next to a competing business nor would you want it far from any potential customers.

Serious consideration needs to be given to the start-up costs, which include buying or leasing the land and building, and any renovations that need to be done. Then you have to think about your desired customer base and how frequently they will buy your product, therefore you must also think about the buy and sell cost of your product, as well as any discounts or promotions that go along with your product in order to account for a more accurate revenue projection, and how frequently the product would be bought or used.

Business expenses can  include wages for staff, the owner’s draw ( your salary!), loan repayment, inventory, maintenance such as equipment, office machines, and vehicles, and expenses, such as rent, phone, gas, and insurance, and you can’t forget about the tax man, even if the company is based inside the home.

Do you have enough capital? Do you have investors or will you need a loan? There are several steps you need to take first before requesting a meeting to discuss obtaining a loan.

When applying for a loan it is required that a business plan be drafted. A business plan includes financial statements or projections, with the correct estimations of revenue, expenses, start up costs, balance, cash flow, and the critical break-even point for the business to ensure its survival.

Before requesting a meeting, you must ensure you are well-prepared and have your business plan in hand for a visualization of the requirements needed and the ideas you have for your potential business. As a business service officer and a loan officer will have several expectations before your meeting.

Welcome Becca!


Please welcome Becca McArthur!

Becca will be joining us at TBDS for the summer. She will be returning to university in the fall to pursue her Masters Degree at University of Calgary.

Stop by our office at 68 Portage Ave. and say hello. Find out how TBDS helps small businesses start and succeed!


trade show exhibitors

The Countdown is On!

The Thebacha Trade Show is less than 2 weeks away! All booths have been booked. Be sure to come out and say hello to your favourite exhibitor!

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2016 Thebacha Trade Show Sponsors

The 2016 Thebacha Trade Show is a little more than a month away! Saturday, April 30th at the Fort Smith arena!

We would like to welcome to our newest sponsors of the 2016 Thebacha Trade Show: Northwest Territories Power Corporation – Gold Sponsor Printand the Métis Dene Development Corporation– Bronze Sponsor


New Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration


TBDS would like to welcome the Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority as a Silver Sponsor, andPrint Aurora Ford, who will be joining us as an exhibitor at the 2016 Thebacha Trade Show!

There is still time to join our sponsor list! Contact Linda at TBDS, 872-2795



Thebacha Trade Show Sponsors Signing On

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The Thebacha Trade Show is only 105 days away!

We are pleased to welcome aboard Northwestern Air Lease as a Gold Sponsor, Kaeser’s Stores as a Silver Sponsor, and Phoenix Automotive and Thebacha Chamber of Commerce as Bronze Sponsors.

On April 30, be sure to stop by their booths, say hello and find out the new and exciting things that are happening in their world.

There is still plenty of time to become a Thebacha Trade Show sponsor. We have 3 levels of sponsorship left to choose from. Gold, Silver, Bronze.

sponsorship levels

Contact Thebacha Business Development Services at 867-872-2795

Or download our trade show registration package here.


BDIC Thebacha Trade Show 2016 Platinum Sponsor









Thebacha Business Development Services is pleased to announce that the Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) will be the Thebacha Trade Show 2016 Platinum Sponsor!

Sponsorship and support of the Thebacha Trade Show shows a commitment on behalf of the BDIC to support entrepreneurs and promote economic development in the NWT.

The Thebacha Trade Show offers exhibitors from across the NWT an opportunity to build relationships with their clients in Fort Smith in a fun, friendly atmosphere, while promoting their products and services.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 has been set as the date of the Thebacha Trade Show which will be returning to its home venue in the newly renovated Fort Smith Centennial Arena.

2016 marks the 11th anniversary of the popular annual spring trade show in the South Slave.

Be sure to stop by the BDIC  booth and say hello on April 30, 2016!

For more information on the products and services of the BDIC, please go to www.bdic.ca


Thebacha Trade Show 2016


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The plans have been made and the organization has begun! The Fort Smith Centennial Arena has been booked, Trade Show Direct has been booked, all we need now, is you!

Thebacha Business Development Services (TBDS) is happy to announce the 11th Annual Thebacha Trade Show will be held Saturday, April 30, 2016!

We understand the nature of business and not all organizations may be able to attend this year’s trade show in person. That’s not a problem! We are are pleased to offer several ways to participate.

  1. Be an Exhibitor: set up your booth and greet the over 700 attendees that attend each year.
  2. Be a Sponsor: 4 Levels of Sponsorship are available because one size does not fit all.
  3. Be an Advertiser: 6 months of web ads are now offered right here on Thebacha.ca.

Download the registration page here.

If you still need more information,  contact us at 867-872-2795, by email: tbds_manager@northwestel.net, or on Facebook!

See you at the Show!