IWE Workshop – March 2022

The first IWE workshop was held March 28, 2022 in Fort Smith with 7 Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs in attendance.

The workshop was a great success, despite a small technical issue and planned guest speakers were not able to attend due to illness.  (We’re glad to report they have both fully recovered.) Mr. Lee Sacrey, of MDDF was able to fill in and discuss their services to NWT entrepreneurs. Thank you, Lee!

The workshop discussed a variety of topics related to best practices for starting and operating a successful business.

” It’s success when you’re happy to get up and work. You get to make your own decisions

– Denise Yuhas”


More workshops are being planned. If you are an IWE and would like to learn more about a specific topic, or the IWE Program, please contact Denise Yuhas at TBDSIWE @



Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Program


Thebacha Business Development Services is pleased to announce the Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship Program (IWE)!

The Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program was developed by NACCA with its focus on developing tools, resources and supports for Indigenous women to start or expand their businesses.

The IWE Program involves developing women-specific programs, tools and training to member AFIs, like TBDS, and entrepreneurs aimed at meeting the needs of Indigenous women entrepreneurs.

The overall objective of the IWE Program is to increase the number of Indigenous women engaging in entrepreneurship and business development in Canada.

There are 3 components to the IWE Program to help ensure the success of Indigenous women entrepreneurs. Firstly, there will be a dedicated IWE Coordinator and Business Services Officer at TBDS.

Denise Yuhas, who is an Indigenous woman with 30+ years of entrepreneurship and business experience has been selected for the role at TBDS. You may contact her at TBDSIWE@

Secondly, TBDS will host a series of workshop for IWEs to develop capacity and build business skills. The workshops will cover a wide variety of topics, like encouraging entrepreneurship, business planning, marketing, bookkeeping, best practices, etc. If there are specific topics or training required please contact Denise directly.

Lastly, a Micro-Loan program up to a maximum of $20,000. Once you have written your business plan and analyzed it to be a viable business, you may find yourself in need of financial help. The MLP, a combination of loans and contributions, will help get you started.

For more information, please contact TBDS at 621 – 2795 or contact Denise at TBDSIWE @


Thebacha Trade Show Organization well underway!

The 2019 Thebacha Trade Show organization is well underway and scheduled for Saturday, April 27!

Thank you to our Gold Sponsors, Northwestern Air Lease, and Aurora College, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year! Congratulations Aurora College. The Town of Fort Smith is a Silver Sponsor again this year, along with newcomer NorthStar Chrysler as a Silver Sponsor. Be sure to click on their names and find out what’s happening in their worlds.

The 2019 trade show booths are selling quickly, if you want one, don’t delay, register today! A registration package can be downloaded here.

The booth map as of Feb 13, 2019. If you have a favourite spot, contact us before it’s gone!

Call Linda at 872 – 2795 or email tbdsmanager @


Learning Sessions

Thebacha Business Development is happy to host FREE learning sessions! Registration is required as space is limited.

Trade Show 2019

Registration is now open for the Thebacha Trade Show 2019!

Fort Smith Election 2018 – All Candidates Forum Profiles and Q&A

Click the links, Part 1  AND  Part 2 to download the candidate’s profiles.


Part 1 : All Candidates Forum – Candidates Profiles and Q&A

Part 2 : All Candidates Forum – Candidates Profiles and Q&A

Hire for Talent








Recruiting, hiring, training and retention of good employees is a major expense for any business. Making sure your candidate is a good fit for your organization takes time, consideration and thoughtfulness. “Hire For Talent” is a project initiated by the Restigouche CBDC to deliver a Canada-wide awareness campaign aimed at increasing the confidence of employers when hiring people with disabilities.

Their website, is an excellent source for Human Resource professionals and small business owners to gain further insights and knowledge in regards to hiring employees with disabilities. The free tool-kit provides information on Legal Issues, Recruitment, Inclusive workplaces and more.

Be a part of the change.  Hire for Talent.

Quick Books – learning opportunity

Quick Books is an effective and user friendly electronic bookkeeping system capable of handling all your small business bookkeeping needs. This is a excellent opportunity for all entrepreneurs needing to learn more about managing their business’s money, at a great price. 

Building a Better Canada

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has released a report titled Ten Ways to Build a Canada that Wins. Number 8 on that list: Assure Better Access to Capital for Indigenous Entrepreneurs.

Thebacha Business Development Services is an Aboriginal Financial Institution And Community Futures office. Providing capital for new and existing Aboriginal Entrepreneurs is what we do!

If you  need help turning your idea into a business, call or email Linda to make an appointment. At TBDS, helping business start and succeed is what we do!

Excerpt from Ten Ways to Build a Canada that Wins:

Although public attention often focuses on the
opposition of Indigenous peoples to economic
projects proposed by others, few Indigenous
communities do not want self-determination and
long-term economic prosperity that improves
quality of life.
Building the capacity for Indigenous communities
to benefit from economic development may
involve many factors, among them transportation
and communications infrastructure, clean
water, safe and comfortable housing, access
to education and training, health care and law
enforcement. Often, it will also require access
to capital.
Whether as proponents themselves, or as
partners and service providers to proponents,
Indigenous entrepreneurs need capital to invest
in equipment, training and other tools that can
translate the benefits of short-to-medium-term
projects into the long-term benefits of jobs and
wealth for their communities. In some regions of
Canada, particularly where Indigenous peoples
have modern land claims, these Indigenous
economic development corporations are seen
as sources of capital by the broader business
community and economic engines for regional
growth and employment.
In 2017, we will continue to advocate that
the federal government fulfill its commitments
to address fundamental quality of life issues
(including housing, water quality, education, law
enforcement and health care) for Indigenous
peoples. We will also press the federal
government to assist Indigenous entrepreneurs
by offering guarantees for business loans or
insurance that can help them access capital
at terms that align with their needs. In addition,
we will advocate that Indigenous entrepreneurs
have the tools necessary to establish credit
ratings so they can explore various sources of
financing, including private sector banks, credit
unions and other financial institutions. Finally,
we will look into federal programs that support
Indigenous entrepreneurs, including those offered
by the Business Development Bank of Canada,
to determine if they could be improved to better
meet their needs.


12th Annual Spring Trade Show!