Inaugural Fort Smith IWE Market!

On March 9, 2024, at the SRFN Business and Convention Centre in Fort Smith, Thebacha Business Development Services will host the Inaugural Fort Smith Indigenous Women Entrepreneur Market. This unique market is a showcase for the incredibly talented Indigenous women entrepreneurs in the community. Come celebrate their rich cultural heritage through their artwork and products for sale and connect with the community.

Empowering Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs:

The IWE Program of Thebacha Business Development Services aims to empower Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Fort Smith and the surrounding South Slave Region by providing them with dedicated resources and micro-loans to help them achieve their businesses goals. This initiative is a significant step towards fostering economic development, supporting local talent, and encouraging entrepreneurship within the Indigenous community.

Community Building and Networking:

In addition to providing a marketplace for Indigenous women entrepreneurs, the event will facilitate community building and networking in the Salt River Business and Convention Centre. Local residents, businesses, and visitors will have the chance to engage with these entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

Join us for a FREE 2-Day IWE Workshop!

The Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneur Program is please to invite all Indigenous Women who are curious about being in business, wanting to know more about how to start a business, or those who are already in business to join us for this FREE 2-day workshop! Please contact Denise Yuhas the IWE Business Support Officer/IWE Coordinator.