Small Business Week – October 18-24, 2015

hug-a-small-businessSmall business, what’s the big deal? Do you think you could live without any small businesses?

Sure, you could order most of your necessities like your shoes, clothes, even houses, and just about anything else online. But, who is going to deliver the goods? You can hunt/fish and grow your own vegetables, and chop wood for heating and cooking. But, you won’t have any gas for your vehicles. You can order all your regular medications online. But, what happens in an emergency without a local pharmacy? Where are you going to purchase your pumpkin spiced lattes, ice cream, or get your haircut without small businesses in your communities?  Without entrepreneurs and small business to grow from, there wouldn’t be any large businesses. Small business = huge impact!

Celebrate and support your local small business owners. They are the ones who make living in our communities convenient and much easier, for us all. After all, who wants to live in a community without pumpkin spiced lattes or ice cream?